For the past 10 years has been incubated inside a parent company and has developed the expertise, industry credibility, technical know-how and relationships it needs to maximize its success opportunities.  In December 2009, it was determined by the Board of Directors that had reached the stage where it best served the investors, employees and the industry it serves by becoming independent.  In the months since that decision the company has completed all the necessary milestones to be ready to operate fully on its own with fantastic prospects for growth.  The business of the company is to provide professional video and media over IP based networks for emerging technology companies and any individuals interested in those companies.  The company has established an enviable and without equal capability in the mobile telecommunications area at every major trade event where it has done thousands of interviews and made that content available over the internet and on DVD for tens of millions of viewers.  The undeniable trend for richer content and specifically video over the IP networks for devices from PC’s to set top boxes to mobile phone is something that bnet Communications directly benefits from and is ideally situated to be in a leadership position.

The company has a business model that is highly scalable and benefits from the well understood dynamics of audience size, internet distribution and low cost of content acquisition by leveraging the latest technologies.  Compared to traditional content acquisition approaches, bNET Communications typically has a cost of 10% of the best they can achieve.  This cost advantage is great enough to make the company an attractive content partner to traditional firms rather than a competitor.

bNET Communications benefits from a number of sustainable and viable revenue streams all of which will be activated in the coming months.  This diversity of revenue sources not only contributes to a very profitable business but also to a stable predictable business because we are not dependent on a single channel for our revenue.

  • DVD’s of conference programs
  • LiveStream viewing of conferences by people who cannot attend in person
  • Virtual Trade Show participation services
  • Video ad sales
  • Banner ad sales
  • Corporate video services
  • Content feed agreements with major IP display and STB providers
  • Syndication partnerships with other bradcasters
  • Subscription fee access to highest value and most timely content
  • Journalistic licensing fees for access to content library

bNET Communications operates out of our NY studio with offices in Las Vegas, and Calgary currently with plans for offices in the San Francisco Bay area followed soon after with an office in Asia.  The company’s business plan calls for rapid growth from both organic means through execution of its business plan plus through acquisition of companies that are accretive to it from a business alignment, technology, revenue and distribution channel perspectives.  There are a number of target acquisitions already identified and the proceeds from this offering will be used in part to fund the growth of the current business plus to provide the capital required to execute on the inorganic growth plans.

The operational management team has a combined total over 50 years experience in the IP technology and internet broadcasting markets with pundit level senior executive reputations in the mobile telecommunications space.  Combined the operational management team has been directly responsible for businesses with over a $100M in revenue and over 20 mergers, acquisitions and integrations.  The Board of Directors of the company currently is made up of public company veterans with diverse market experience and knowledge of the capital markets that is enviable and highly valued.