bnetTV speaks with Joseph Kvedar of Center for Connected Health at the 2012 mHealth Summit held in Washington DC.

Partners Center for Connected Health creates and validates connected health solutions that empower patients and providers to transform care. 2012 Team Photo

Drawing on 18 years of experience, the Center’s team of clinicians, researchers, technologists, consultants and business professionals collaborate with providers, patients, policy makers and industry to demonstrate the power of technology-enabled interventions in research studies and in “real-world” clinical and remote patient settings. The interventions designed and developed by the Center focus on creating behavior change, generating efficiencies and improving the quality of care. We are moving healthcare forward to be more proactive, population-based and patient-centered.

The Center’s leadership engages across the global healthcare community to accelerate the adoption and impact of connected health, participating in a variety of governing and regulatory boards, and convening an annual symposium that draws over 1,000 participants each year. The Center’s founder and director, Joseph Kvedar, MD, is an advocate, author and frequent speaker on the vision and application of connected health.

The Center for Connected Health is a division of Partners HealthCare, a Boston-based healthcare delivery system founded by its Harvard Medical School affiliated teaching institutions, Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital.