Client Commissioned Video Pieces

bnetTV specializes in client commissioned video for companies for a variety of purposes pertaining to press, investor relations, conference coverage, advertising and internal purposes. bnetTV’s extensive video production and interview knowledge has become a great asset to company’s for corporate video purposes. This ranges from script consulting to creative and directorial consulting and can help enhance the message, product and service.

bnetTV can take an organizations idea and shape it into a specifically tailored message in which the copyright is owned solely by the company and can be disseminated at the company’s discretion. bnetTV has seen the benefits of this service for investor presentations and relations as video showcases outlining; products, conference/trade show initiatives, day to day activities as well as announcements are a more effective way to display mission, goals and successes than other mediums.

  • Hands on consulting pre-production,  during production and post production (This may include script writing, creating specifically tailored graphics, pre-shots of products, demo’s, executive testimonials)
  • Full scale production, multiple takes, studio lighting, multiple camera’s
  • The finished product is engaging, full HD quality, motion graphics, texts, titles, etc
  • Key points, music and sound effects
  • Can take take place in our studio, at the clients site, at your conference booth, or at our on-site conference studio’s

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Client Commissioned Video prices are determined on a per project basis

For further inquires on our client commissioned video products, video press release or any of our custom services, please contact:

Ria Nielsen
Sr. Production Coordinator
Tel: +1.917.720.3541