Gary Shapiro speaks with Tony Sklar about the "New Economy"


Gary and Tony speak about the Sate of the economy, and why technology is leading the world out of a recession. Gary Shapiro gives the industry an A+ as a letter grade. Which states offer the best incentives for new business, trends within the consumer electronics industry, and why its important for company's to continue to be engaged with the The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)®


The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)® will host the CEA Research Summit  on June 26, at CE Week NY. This distinctive single-day event will feature up to the minute intelligence on the unique and important market trends and transformations emerging in the consumer electronics industry.  The CEA Research Summit at CE Week offers timely insights through a mix of quantitative and qualitative data that only CEA research analysts can provide.

The CEA Research Summit is the definitive conference covering the $1 trillion dollar consumer tech market.  “At this mid-year Research Summit, we’ll take an in depth look at the important consumer tech trends, the impact of global economies and other key issues that will define the second half of 2012,” said Shawn DuBravac, Chief Economist and Sr. Director of Research at CEA.