ShowStoppers held its 6th annual media reception in Barcelona during Mobile World Congress.  Held at the magnificent Licue Opera House on LaRambla, ShowStoppers welcomed more then 700 journalists to meet with 40+ companies such as Blackberry, Garmin, Emporia, McAfee, Novetell, Qualcomm, SAP, Viewsonic and many more.

ShowStoppers produces invitation-only private events that organize company launches, product introductions, sneak previews and hands-on product demos for reporters, editors, columnists, bloggers and industry analysts – trade, consumer, entertainment and business journalists and analysts specifically selected and qualified in advance by ShowStoppers.

ShowStoppers is a smart way for industry leaders, innovators, startups and upstarts to make new connections, promote brand, take leadership and open new business markets.

ShowStoppers is a smart way for reporters to quickly, efficiently and easily discover hot products and cool companies — companies they know and companies they haven’t discovered yet.

It’s a complete turnkey package planned specifically by ShowStoppers to help companies large and small generate news coverage and product reviews.

ShowStoppers is a complement to your exhibit booth. ShowStoppers is a relaxed, informal event where the press is focused on you, your news, and your new products, away from the noise and distractions of the show floor, fueled by a full dinner buffet and open bars – a very effective way to “feed the press.”

ShowStoppers handles all the promotion, invitations, and RSVPs for the event.

We qualify the press. Like you, we want qualified press in the room, not just the biggest body count.

ShowStoppers is exceptionally qualified to help companies large and small meet the press – and is similarly qualified to partner with show management. In the U.S., we’ve produced invitation-only technology showcase events for 16 years — longer, better, more affordably and more respected then anyone else in the industry.