Sponsorship Opportunities

  bnetTV’s event coverage positions its sponsors in unique territory as the eyes viewing our content and attending conferences are largely a professional market. This concentrated advertising is the envy of other media outlets as the message is relayed directly to the target audience. This ensures the company and the message is clear, and the product or branding is recognizable and memorable.  





bnetTV offers co-branded banner sponsorship on site at its events that are featured in the background of all of its content. The extensive benefits of this type of branding stem from conference attendees passing by the studio as well as the banners being featured as backdrops for all of bnetTV’s in-studio content.





  bnetTV can provide traditional banner site placement, video pre-roleand in-video insertion branding for its coverage for its video content for the Mobile World Congress. The benefit of this type of branding comes via the “long-tail” effect as long after the conference in over, the company’s branding can be found on bnetTV’s videos on its own site and its over 75 aggregate sites.  






bnetTV offers on-air sponsorship before and after its interviews in a “brought to you by” form that is accompanied by in-video insertion during the verbal ad-piece. The message is relayed by our on-air personalities as the branding is shown in the video, resonating with the viewer on a more robust level.


For further inquires  on our  services, please contact:
Ria Nielsen
Sr. Production Coordinator 
Tel: +1.917.720.3541
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Tel: +1.917.720.3541


Over the past 10 years, bnetTV has amassed:

  • Over 25,000 interviews

  • Over 5,000 hours of live conference coverage

  • Over 1,000 hours of in-studio Production & Programming

  • Disseminate over 2.5 million streams a month

  • Aggregate to over 75 different sites

  • Worked with over 500 companies on Video Press Releases and Client Commissioned Video